Saturday, January 22, 2011

About Me

Yup, I am just like every third stay at home Mom that I know.  I bought a nice camera when my kids were born, to capture every second of their life growing up. But over the last few years, my "hobby" turned into a full blown obsession.  Everyone says, do what you love.  And I do.  I love being a Mom to my two boys and baby girl, and I love taking pictures.  I went to school for 7 years to become a Nurse Practitioner.  And I definitely like that.  But love, well not so much.  Let's just say if won the lottery, I would still be taking pictures, but looking at people's rashes and listening to their bowel habits, probably not!!

I love natural light photography.  I love modern photography.  I mostly like natural shots, but I love to throw in some posed shots too if I can.  I am easy going, a bit sarcastic, and I aim to please!  I hope you will let me take some portraits of your little one!!!  I may be new at this profession, but I feel like a seasoned pro at times. I have taken thousands of pictures of my kids and their friends over the years.  I definitely won't break your bank.  I want to offer you very affordable pictures to you, without the affordable look.  Please contact me for more information!!!  Oh yeah, and I love exclamation  marks!!!

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  1. and no, that's not a can of dip in my pocket, that's my camera lens cap. no, really.